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Latest Client.

I've just pushed the Latest Rust client to the Launcher-Updater, which hopefully fixes some of the disconnect issues
some of you have. 
Just start the launcher, click on Update, and "verify" your files. It should update them to the latest Client.

Updater / Launcher

I've been working a lot lately on the Launcher, and currently trying to fix the last bugs with the updater part.
You can try with the new version now to update, so far i only had problems , if the update was pretty big.
In that case, the launcher will only get a part of the Update,  Just run it again that should be fine  until the file hashes match.

This version now is only a test push.
Expect updates in the next days. 

Wiped + Updated!

Servers are now Wiped + Updated
Remember to update your game / Download the new client  to be able to join

-- New feature "Rust+" Mobile app works on our Servers , but you need to have legit Rust to be able to use it !! -- 

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