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Updated + Wiped

Finally, we got it working.
The servers are Updated and Wiped!
As always you need to update your client to continue playing.
You can update it with the new Updater ( Thats included in the launcher )
Or by re-Downloading the updated Full Client.
Have Fun! 


The Update is already pushed from us, and the full Client links are updated.
You can already now update your client so you are ready to go after wipe.
We will wipe the Servers in 1 Hour ( 15:00 GMT+1 ) 

Launcher Update


I've released just a new Launcher version i've been working on the last weeks.

This enables you to verify/Update your client with Remote-Delta-Compression, which will keep the update size at a minimum.

You can get the update by just updating the launcher with the build-in updater

Or get the updated Installer from our website at Rusticaland.net

---  Please be aware that all functions have not been fully tested yet and are likely to throw bugs.

I will fix those as they appear, so please be a bit forgiving .- 

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