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Halloween Update + Wipe

We "Map-Wiped" (Bps saved) just both servers + updated them to the latest
Rust update.

You need to update/download the latest client to play.

Happy Halloween

Upcomming Update


I've just made our Client of the latest rust update. - DB218 - Halloween update

you can now update your client with the updater or download the full client on the website.


The servers will probably Update tomorrow .

If there will be the regular half-month wipe we will see, and ask the players first. 


Wiped + Updated

Both Servers are wiped, updated and up again.
This time we got a 3,5k map instead of a 3k map on the vanilla Server
as i saw that on the 3k map no bigger monuments spawn, such as the new one that came out this month.

So have fun everyone!


Both servers just got Map-Wiped
2nd half of the month - GO!
Have fun!

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