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Finally! We are Up'n running again!

After some downtime due to issues with our own crack and the new released Steamworks.NET implementation from facepunch,

we got everything in order again and the Main server is running like before.

Means -  everyone can join again!  

I already saw some plugins did break from the update, and safezone is still missing

Just be patient -  ill sort that all out in the next few hours.


So now,  Have fun ;)  

Wiped. AGAIN?

Yes we wiped again, just to have now 1 week runtime.

With that comes also a few changes ( ONLY this 1 Week ) 

Just to have it more fun.
Including:  Smaller map ( 3000 ) 

Global BP Progression - Only 1 player needs to unlock a BP to have it serverwide unlocked.

x3  For ALL Loot and Gather.

All Npcs are enabled - AI Test Zombies , Scarecrows , Murderers.

Gyrocopters population increased. 

And a few more smaller things.  Have Fun! 


Server is Wiped and Updated with a new map.
Clients also Update and obviously you need to update to be able to join again!

Have fun!

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