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Launcher Updater

As i see a few connections with the new updater, that end up failing,
just wanted to give a small update, that im on it to fix some of the recent bugs that appeared. 
Together with some other QOL improvements, will this update hit soon.
Stay tuned and update the launcher as soon as it prompts you to.

Sorry for those that fail to update their client with the updater currently. 

--Problems Continue--

We still got some problems with the servers.
Right now we got it so far that you can all join again, but the servers wont appear on the 
Ingame serverlists...  we are on it to fix that.
To join to the servers anyway Press F1 and enter: 

Modded :   connect rusticaland.ddns.net:28015
Vanilla  :   connect rusticaland.ddns.net:28022

Updated + Wiped

Finally, we got it working.
The servers are Updated and Wiped!
As always you need to update your client to continue playing.
You can update it with the new Updater ( Thats included in the launcher )
Or by re-Downloading the updated Full Client.
Have Fun! 


We will delay the wipe a bit.
As we made now the new Server files, we did encounter some issues.
We are working on this first and get the new update running, then we will wipe. 
Sorry for that 


The Update is already pushed from us, and the full Client links are updated.
You can already now update your client so you are ready to go after wipe.
We will wipe the Servers in 1 Hour ( 15:00 GMT+1 ) 

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