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Next Launcher Version

I just released the next Version of the Launcher

Major Updates:
- Self-Update method moved to run before anything 

- Fixed some Path issues

- Changed the method how to run cracked with legit Client.

- Minor bugfixes

Launcher Update

I've just updated the Launcher to the latest version.

Some expected issues will probably occur - One easy way to fix most of them is to just reset the userconfig in the launcher Menu, and restart it.

Other bugs i will work our as they get discovered.


Due to our protection method of our .exe it is very possible that any antivirus programm will respond to it. 

I have checked both .exe ,- the unmodified/unprotected Exe has no detections, its entirely comming from the overlaying protection.



Halloween Update + Wipe

We "Map-Wiped" (Bps saved) just both servers + updated them to the latest
Rust update.

You need to update/download the latest client to play.

Happy Halloween

Upcomming Update


I've just made our Client of the latest rust update. - DB218 - Halloween update

you can now update your client with the updater or download the full client on the website.


The servers will probably Update tomorrow .

If there will be the regular half-month wipe we will see, and ask the players first. 


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