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Server is Wiped and Updated with a new map.
Clients also Update and obviously you need to update to be able to join again!

Have fun!

Upcoming Wipe

As always the Update is coming out Today,

but I've decided from now on to wait until the next day to make and release the update, aswell as updating the Server.
Simple reason is that not only am i fully working over the whole day.

Means that I gotta get up early the next day, so i can't work that long on the wipe/Update and new map.

But also did we experience it in earlier update releases that Facepunch likes to mess shit up, and releasing hotfixes....

To avoid, creating immediate hotfixes to our clients, we will wait 24H for our Update.


This means - For Legit - Rust player , that you have to disable the automatic steam updates for Rust and start rust from its own exe-., so that you can still join the server.



Launcher 2.0 Release

I just released now the new Launcher i've ben working on last weeks.

First it was intended for only "speed up"  rust for players.  But then more and more came into it.

And then we decided we will make a new launcher to pass the old one up.

Please report any bugs to me so i can work on them ! 


Wipe is done. Server is starting up again.
Initially, theres some stuff missing as i dont got the Time right now for it.
I will setup everything tomorrow.

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