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Launcher 2.0 Release

I just released now the new Launcher i've ben working on last weeks.

First it was intended for only "speed up"  rust for players.  But then more and more came into it.

And then we decided we will make a new launcher to pass the old one up.

Please report any bugs to me so i can work on them ! 


Wipe is done. Server is starting up again.
Initially, theres some stuff missing as i dont got the Time right now for it.
I will setup everything tomorrow.


Im almost done with the "Quicklauncher".

A small Launcher for Rusticaland, that has a few neat Features, such as

- Cleanup/Speedup System&RAM

- Handling,Optimize & Speedup of the RustClient Process

- Showing our Update Feed RSS

- Authentication-Heartbeat System for players that want to secure their Account.(Comes Later)

Marketplace Mailboxes

I just made changes on the Mailboxes-

from now on,  if your mailbox gets destroyed, and you have something in the marketplace listed-

All listings will be send back to you. 

New Web Page

This Page will be used to display any changes on server or around the server that happend from us.

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