Wiped and .. Working?

I've just now Wiped both servers...more or less successfully,
As with the new maps , there are now some issues that i cannot really pinpoint.
I will continue , trying to find the issue,
But as for now i will not restart anymore.

What you can try out tho,-  For all Cracked players,-
Open the Launcher and update the Client, i pushed a small client update
That got  the same protocol version.
I cannot say for sure, but it might help in resolving this issue.

Other stuff that changed:

Mapsizes are now 3,5k ( Even tho it was 3k voted with over 130 votes.....  but everyone started whining...)

From now on, Everyone that has not setup their Steam profile,
has to join with our launcher, or will be kicked.
We hope to achieve lower cheater counts with this.
this decision was approved by player votes.

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